November 7, 2011

A Hah-Ha Moment

Yes, you read that right... welcome to my Hah-Ha moment.  No, not A-Ha... it was a true Hah-Ha moment.'

You see, I received my Connection Kit from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out tonight.  It had been a rough day, one of those "out of bed on the wrong side" kinds of "poor me" days.  So, when I arrived home to see the goody box waiting for me, things started to look up.

Sadly, my brain was still numb.  In a fuzz.  My brain's synapses were just not firing well.

As I was going through all of the goodies, I came across this little tag:

and I thought to myself... (seriously...)

"A bun dance?  I've never heard of that.  What would that be?  I wonder if my kids would know.  A bun dance.  Is it a type of dance?  Like the Electric Slide or the Running Man?"

(Yeah, I totally understand that those dances date me, but wait, it gets worse.)

I looked at the other tag cards which simply said, "beautiful" and "forever and ever".  I looked back at the card that was bewildering me...

"Maybe it's ABUN Dance.  But what's ABUN?  No, it has to be A Bun Dance... maybe as in, 'how does a bun dance?'  Oh, Kai, that's just silly... why would a scrapbook company talk about a bun and it dancing?"

(sigh.  I can't believe I'm sharing all of this, it was so embarrassing...)

Then...yes... there it was.  The dawning of understanding:

"ABUNDANCE!  I get it now!"

*covers face and shakes head*

See?  Get it?  It's too funny not to be a Hah-Ha moment!

Silly Kai.  Go to bed now and get some sleep...

(If you would like your very own A Bun Dance card, please buy a Connection Kit over at Inside Out... and you, too, could have your very own Hah-Ha moment.)


  1. You are not so silly because I share your puzzlement but only for a moment I wonder how many other words we could do like that.

  2. Can't wait for my kit to arrive. Perhaps we could come up with steps for a bun dance

  3. Have you ever read the Beezus and Ramona story where Ramona thinks that the No Smoking sign is the name of a man called Nosmo King? I love that

  4. If it makes you feel any better, my first glance at the tag also registered as "a bun dance" but only for a split second. Which gives me hope that the brain fog I experience with fms isn't as bad as I thought!

  5. is that like doin' Da Butt? hahahahahahahahahahaha


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