November 17, 2011

An Apology

I have been largely absent for the past month (or more) from blogging.  I have shown up with a post, here and there.  But mostly, not invested in what I was writing (with the recent exception of Storytelling Sunday).  I want to apologize.  I wish I could explain.  There's nothing "major" going on in life that has prevented me from writing more often, or better posts, or sharing the crafty goodies I've been working on, or sharing the recent valley in my fitness quest.    There's nothing wrong, I'm not overwhelmed with work or family or pet situations.

I suppose, I've just been uninspired.  It's as if my brain is tired. 

I often sit with my laptop and open a new post and just stare at the screen.  Sometimes literally for hours.  And then I shut it down without publishing anything and put the laptop away.

It bugs me.

Because I truly love to write.   I truly love to interact with all of you out in cyberland.  And I know I miss it. 

My brain is tired.

It's been doing a lot of work lately.  Sometimes I wish my mind came with an "off" switch.  I guess even though have electrical impulses, it doesn't come with a breaker box.  :)

So, bear with me.  I'm here.  I'm around.  I'm not closing up shop here, not at all.  But, for a while, it seems I will be "less". 

Just for a while.

Please don't give up on me/my blog yet.  I absolutely have so much more to share.

Let me just get my brain to relax a little first. 


  1. I have you on google reader so I will not miss your return. It's fine to have a break. HOw about keeping a note of any ideas that spring to mind during your off-season. You could start posts in a word document or even as draft blog posts and then when inspiration strikes you can come back to them , complete them and post.

    Whatever you choose to do, you do not need to apologise. Your readers will still be here waiting for you.

    Lots of love

  2. No need for apologies - blog without obligation! Do what you can when you are inspired. We love you whether you post five times or fifty - no matter!

  3. ..then I really am extra pleased you joined in with Storytelling Sunday :)

    I'll be looking out for your return. But not until you have taken all the time you need to relax and refresh. There are no prizes for completely wearing yourself out with this whole blogging thing!

  4. No apology necessary (but accepted)! I'm glad you are taking time for you. I'll definitely be here whenever you do post. :)

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