May 2, 2011

Weekend Wonderful

This past Saturday, I spent the entire day in scrapbooking bliss.  Two of my very best friends and I all decided to spend the day cropping at the store, while sharing the work shifts.  It was our "collective birthday" crop... both of their birthdays were in March and mine is in May.

I have to admit, the crop was full of chatter and food and presents and fun, with a sprinking of scrapbooking (for me).  So I only completed 4 pages (two single pages, one 2-page layout).  But the difference for me was that these are pages about me. 

I created a layout of me as a little girl, striking a pose (or three) before a ballet recital.  A layout about a canoe trip I went on soon after moving  out here to Ohio.  And, what I thought was so cool, remember that Bucket List blog post I wrote?  I did a layout on that too. 

Sadly, life has not been conducive to getting photos of these layouts, but when I do, they'll be posted here!  I always have to prove that I really do scrapbook!

How was your weekend?


  1. and I'll be here, waiting impatiently, tapping my foot and glancing at the time every once in a while, just waiting.... to see the photos!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your layouts :)


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