May 11, 2011

Another Layout

Products used include Core'dinations cardstock and Cosmo Cricket
Mr. Campy papers,chipboard and embellishments

This is actually one-half of a double-page layout.  The other page has no photos on it, but is designed with photo mats. When I was cropping with my gal pals a couple weekends ago, I realized I didn't have all of the photos of this event, and clearly remembered two that I wanted included.  So,  I just "made space".  But as I said, since there are no photos, there wasn't much to see, so here is the left-page only. 

This was a canoe trip I took with a group of newly-found friends the first summer I moved to Ohio.  It continues to be one of my favorite memories of my life here since 1995.  It was fabulously fun, full of adventure (and spiders), and a couple of canoe capsizes.  Not mine.  Sadly, we chose to put all of our picnic food (and a guitar) in the one canoe with the least experienced canoers.  Well, they said they were experienced but if they were, they certainly did not work well as a team.

About mid-way down the river, we found a rope swing.  We pulled off in that area, built a small campfire and cooked chicken, had potato salad and drinks (and whatever else survived  the capsized canoe) and also had plenty of fun on the rope swing.  It was my first and last time (so far) on a rope swing over a river like that.

The other major memory I have was the river was swollen due to some recent rains, and we were afraid our canoes would not be able to make it under a felled tree across the river.  It was my first time doing that as well... laying down in the canoe so you could get under the tree.  I remember being worried about certain... uh... ample parts of me would not make it under.  "They" did, but I swear my nose scraped the bark of the tree, it was that close of a clearance!

The people in the capsizing canoe had quite a bit a difficulty with that one as well, if I recall.

There was a lot of yelling.

Man, it was fun.


  1. sounds like a great time, capsizing canoe and all.

  2. The layout made me go "Wow" and the words made me smile - it certainly sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. This is a great layout...and a GREAT story!

  4. Great layout, I love the tiny trees and oars :)


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