May 26, 2011

Mother Nature

There can be devastation after the power of a storm.  And there can be beauty after the power of a storm.

This rainbow appeared while I drove home tonight.  It brought a little peace to my heart.  That peace in my heart now goes out to all of the recent tornado/weather victims.  May they find peace and renewal. 


  1. I love rainbows!! Such an uplifting sight :) Like you, I've been thinking of all those affected by the recent dreadful weather conditions. I pray that they'll find peace and comfort and strength and hope and all those qualities that a rainbow brings for me.

    PS Hope too that you're feeling better xx

  2. Amen too! Yes, I have been thinking of the families affected by the terrible weather in the last few days.
    I hope they also find a little comfort from rainbows, as they begin to piece their lives back together.

  3. A reminder that He will never completely decimate the human population by flood again. It is nice to see the promise...and have some measure of peace after all that...


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