May 18, 2011


“People are always telling me that change is good. But all that means is that something you didn't want to happen has happened.”

~ Meg Ryan ~

Wow!  Thank you for all of  the birthday wishes yesterday.  I was receiving birthday wishes all day via text, phone, blog, email, message  boards at SFTIO and Facebook.  It was fabulous to have such a wide-reaching birthday "party".  In fact, all of those "reach out and touch someone" moments were the absolute best part of my day.

Otherwise, I've been coping.  Coping with the store closing (a third  store in our community announced that they were closing as well today - three out of the five our Local Scrapbook Stores are  now closing in the next month - that's crazy!)  I've had to cope with everyone in my immediate family viscinity being sick and I don't  want to catch it.  My car was taken to  the shop for some repairs that have now exceeded $1000 and that number seems to be growing.  Oh, so many things going  on in one little 24-hour period.

But I got cake.

And some fun little gifts.

And  some time with The  Hubs (even if he was coughing like crazy) to watch some movies we've had hanging around.

And plenty of rest and naps.

I love naps.

But I'm seriously flirting with a depression the size or our most recent recession.   (I'm a  poet, did ya know it?)  I don't  cope well with changes.   Yes, I know they are inveitable, but that doesn't mean they're pleasant and wanted.

So,  help me out.  What are your tricks and tips to cope with life changes?


  1. I dont know that I have any constructive advice--I usually have to be pulled kicking and screaming into change of any sort--but I can commisserate (sp?).*sigh* You're not alone. Sounds like a "when it rains, it pours" situation. It gets better, though. It always does. Life is funny that way. Sending you best wishes for all GOOD things, including a super kickbutt immune system!

  2. What makes you HAPPY? Figure it out and then go do it!

  3. Ummmm....denial? ok...seriously...I cope by sitting myself down and managing what I CAN do. I write out all that worries me and all that I fear, all that irritates me and what I just get furious over...and then I decide...can I do ANYTHING with ANY of this? I mark it down. This is out of my power, This is not my issue, I cannot stop this...and then, I can chose differently for this one, I am going to say "NO" to this one, I am not as bothered by this as I think but its just a change in the mix. I pray over what I cannot do anything about...and I set to work on the things I can, even if its just planning or making a list. Its not actually EASY to let go, but this puts all of it out there in front of me so there is no vagueness "the sky is falling" or "this is a seriously deep hole" feeling. I know EXACTLY where I am NOW and that, in and of itself, gives me back my sea legs. I'm praying for you girl. You have had a year of changes. I cling firmly to the belief that God allows this stuff to happen so that we can be refined to something more pure and precious...or compressed if you prefer the diamond analogy to the gold analogy. Either way you look at it, its gonna be hot and you're going to feel squished...

  4. ohhhhhhhh tips for avoiding depression... Hmmmm... when you find some out, let me know!!

    Okay, I'll be serious. When I'm down I try to ask myself exactly what I want to do and I do it. Sometimes that means not working and laying in bed. Which has a financial impact, but at the same time, this is an illness, and when you're sick you don't go to work.

    That's all I got. :)


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