May 25, 2011

Forgive Me...

... as I sit back and heal for a while.  I caught the crappy germs my family has been passing around over the past three weeks. I thought I'd escaped it, but no, instead I get it the worst.  Strep throat.  I've never had this before in my life.  I'm truly miserable.  Now, the cherry on top is  the croup-y cough that my son has had for nearly four weeks.  FOUR weeks!  And I'm just starting it today.

Hoo boy. 

I hope I didn't get anyone else ill, as I was out and about while beginning to feel under the weather.  I would be very sad. I wouldn't wish how I feel on anyone!

In the infamous words of the Terminator... "I'll  be back!"  When I'm better. 


  1. Hope you feel better soon Kai!

  2. Sterilized hugs! ;) I'm sorry you are ill. :'( Hope you get feeling yourself soon!!!

  3. ~~~~Cyber-sympathy to you Kai - in waves ~~~~~
    I had Strep throat as a teenager. I am so sorry you have it - it is horrible. I hope you feel much better very soon!
    Warm fruit drinks are supposed to be the best thing to treat stuff like this, so indulge yourself!
    I wish you Well - in every sense of the word!


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