April 1, 2011

A Day of BAD News!

First off, I want to share with all of my online friends that life is just not been very good lately. A few weeks ago, our toilet in our main bathroom went on the fritz and we’ve had to traipse downstairs to the basement half bath every time we have the need to go. If that’s not bad enough, last night, our downstairs toilet began overflowing so we’re in a quandary now… as we only have those two toilets to use in our house. I guess we’ll be calling a plumbing service at some point – and VERY soon.

In addition, it royally sucked to wake up and find that our house was defaced last night! We had eggs smashed and orange and blue graffiti spray painted all over the white fa├žade of our house. We’ve had eggs smashed on our house once before, but the graffiti is something new and most unwelcome.  Weirder than weird, whomever did it also filled our yard with ancient old Christmas decorations.  In addition, (and we’re not sure if this is related), our neighbor’s house caught fire and while they firemen were putting it out, one of our side windows (facing the house on fire) was smashed. It is the window over our couch where we watch TV, but we were very lucky no person or animal was sitting on it at the time; however, the couch is now ruined and we will need to find a replacement window (it’s currently covered in a lovely black plastic garbage bag). How we never heard any of this, I'll never know.  Like I can afford new furniture, a house painter (or whatever we do to fix the graffiti) or a new window! *sigh*

If that wasn’t enough, along with the vandalism of our house, our son’s brand new car’s tires were slashed – all four! Well, the car isn’t brand new, but it was new to him… and the tires were newer than the car, but I digress… this kid can’t catch a break. So, now we have to help him afford four new tires, because he certainly can’t do it on his minimum-wage salary. 

Not able to do anything right now, I did decide to come to work (at least it had a working bathroom), leaving The Hubs to call a plumber, the police and our insurance company. On my way here, I was stuck in traffic behind a car accident. When I finally got past it, it looked awful with one SUV like vehicle actually on its top! I was selfishly glad to be on my way to work and not still stuck in a gridlock. When I got to work, I found out that our Accounting tech was involved in the accident and is in a local hospital. That was HER SUV upside down!! I feel horrible that I was ever so selfish to wish myself past the accident just to get to work, and here she is… involved and hurt. The worst part about this entire thing is that she is the cousin to one of my very best scrappy friends. So, that makes my heart hurt even worse at my own selfishness.

Holy cow… could this day get any worse? Apparently, it can. I JUST received an email from The Hubs telling me he wants us to consider an open marriage.  And that he already had a gal in mind for him and would I be interested in one of his friends {insert name here}?  OMG!  Where in the world did this come from? We've never talked about anything other than monogomy and here he is wanting to "spread his wings" and apparently help me spread mine!  I'm at a loss...

And yet, here I am still writing this blog. All of you out there have been such a great support to me, I just felt I couldn’t go anywhere but here to share with you the tragedy of this day… April 1st, 2011. What? It’s April 1st? OMG! Really? I guess I should tell you then…


Only three things in the above story have elements of truth to them: 1) our house has been defaced by smashed eggs before, long ago; 2) the accounting tech at my office is one of my friend’s cousins (but did not get into an accident); and 3) our upstairs toilet really has been broken for nearly three weeks.

Out of all of that? Well, let's just say that broken toilet doesn't seem like that big of a tragedy. Regardless, let’s just hope my toilet is replaced and working by the end of the weekend, because I'm tired of a freezing cold basement seat!  :)

I hope everyone has a great day… don’t get too tricked, today… be on your guard!


  1. You horror! I really believed you. I was nearly in tears about the 'Dear John' email.

    Do you play Poker? You should!

  2. I got to about the 2nd paragraph and started thinking 'Omigosh, I sure hope this is an April Fool!' I'm very relieved that it is.... Hope your toilet gets fixed soon! xx

  3. You are good!!!!!!! I was believing every word of it!!

    You got me. Happy April Fool's Day to you. :)

  4. I was sitting here reading it thinking 'no' - 'oh you poor thing' - 'could it get any worse?' and then I got a little suspicious, but you certainly had me going for a while there!

  5. I started this by thinking "poor Kai" until I got to the neighbors fire and then I realized you are just a big prankster!

  6. I got to about the third thing and realised the date. Ha Ha

  7. Well I was sucked in!!! I sat reading with my mouth wide open at so much misfortune.... and then read the email part!

    Brilliant! Happy April fools! :)

  8. Naughty girl! But funny! X

    I agree that you need to call the plumber though.

  9. Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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