April 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes...

Hello all of you wonderful people who joined me for my day in pictures.  Based  on the photos I included, if I were a visitor to my blog I would have thought:
  • Man!  Look at  the traffic she has to deal with!
  • What a gloomy day.
  • What is IN that mug?  And why does she need two drinks?
  • What the heck is that red bush thing?
  • OMG!  Doesn't she know you're not supposed to eat in front of your computer?!  I can only imagine the crumbs in her keyboard!
  • Yuck!   Vitamins! 
  • Hmmm... weird combination of non-matching paper, adhesive and non-matching  fibers.  Is she color-impaired?
Yes, I would have wondered all that and more.  Consider yourself lucky that I trimmed out all the excess mess in my office.  Actually, I wish I could have had a better brain and taken the other pictures that defined my day, but alas, I was spacey and scattered with what I remembered to snap a photo.  

So, to answer the questions I posed in my own head... and some of the questions in my comments, let's address the story that was missing from my photos. 

First... that traffic was due to  an accident.  I don't usually have such gridlock.  And  yes, I took the photo while I was in my car in the middle of it,  but I was stopped at the time I took the photo.  I actually exited the highway three exits in advance of where I usually do, and took the back roads around to my office.  That was still pretty backed up, because I wasn't the only person out there who captured this brilliant idea.  Which, of course, makes it a little less brilliant.

And the day was just  one more rainy day in the midst of a month of rain. We are so saturated!  Later on, though, the sun did peek out briefly.   But then the next storm system arrived.

My drinks.   They actually signify that it is warm enough that I can no longer drink hot tea.   I can't stand to drink hot beverages in warm weather.  However, I decided this year that I would not switch back to Coke Zero (my typical summer caffeine fix - one can a day) and stay with tea.  But iced.  So, this day was the first day of the "season" where I brewed my own iced tea.  The hot tea is in the clear glass mug and I poured it over ice in my green mug.  And it was simply delicious.  YUM.

The bush.  Well... had it been a sunnier day, it would have been a prettier picture.  This bush is just outside my office building and I love it in the spring because it's red with white blossoms.  It was my one itty bit of nature that I observed at all during the day other than, of course, the rain.

The computer's lunch.  Yes, it was Subway.  Yes, I was working while I was eating.  I typically do that when my boss isn't in town, because... well, when she is in town we eat together.  When she's not.  I eat alone.  Why break from work?  Especially on a rainy day.   And for the Subway lovers  out there, I must apologize, because I really don't like Subway.  But, as it was a crappy day, Subway is the closest "healthier choice" restaurant around.  Unless I wanted a salad.  Which I very obviously did not.  Subway was the next best choice.  The best part about the meal?  The whole thing was FREE because even while I don't like Subway as a first (or second or third) choice, I do tend to eat there frequently enough that I had a large number of frequent buyer points and got the whole shebang free, except for the drink.  The drink is a giant Coke Zero.  I was caff'd up to the gills this day.  Not usual for me.  Not at all.

But necessary.

Why necessary you ask?  (Thanks for asking.)  Because I have not been taking very good care of myself lately.  All those vitamins you see?  Yep, I've forgotten to take them for the past two days... including the day I took the photo!  I got them all out, and they got left on my desk  until today.  I took them today.  Vitamin D, in particular, is very important to me because I struggle with getting this up into a "normal"  range.  When it declines, I get groggy and sleepy (hence the caffeine).  In addition, those little crafty pieces at the end of my picture show?  We had a "take your kid to work day" event at our office today and I was asked to repeat my "contribution" from last year and design a scrapbook page to commemorate the event for each child.  So, most of my evenings this week I spent cutting pieces and parts out and designing a demo page and packaging up all the things I needed.  Sadly, this is one more photo I didn't take - the finished layout.  It was cute and focused on how each child was special and that they needed to Shine (with a sun on each page).  The papers displayed in the photo?  These were the name tags I also cut out for everyone.  The fibers (sorry, Bernice, I can't knit - anymore.  I've forgotten how)... they were brought in by a different employee and used as the strings to hang the name tags around each person's neck.  I actually "acquired" the pictured tufts of fiber to add to my scrappin' stash.  I thought they were pretty!

As I was up late so many nights cutting pieces and parts, that was also the need for so much caffeine. 

And this part of my day?

Well, that chubby cat in the lower right has spent more time on my bed than I have this week.  Time to change that picture. 

Good-night!  :)

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  1. Oh my goodnes, the traffic must have been so frustrating! I get so annoyed sitting in traffic :)


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