October 14, 2013

The Weird Ways a Brain Works…

I’ve had a lot of time inside my own head lately.  Things goin’ on in there that we won’t speak of yet, there’s still a lot of cleaning to do before I invite anyone to visit THERE.  Haha.  However, I am struck with how weird my mind works sometimes.  I am hoping I’m not a total oddball here, and that other people have noticed strange ways their brain/memory stores things.

What has hit me in the head recently is how I view a year.  You know… a year… 12 months… winter, spring, summer, fall.  I have had this visual in my head for as long as I can remember… even as a young child… I finally tried to draw it out so I can explain it better.


There you go. 
I view the months like a sidewalk going around the block.  Except, there is a weird gap between August and September.  I often wonder if I put that there when I was a child, indicating the vast difference between end of summer and start of school (we didn’t start school until after Labor Day where I grew up).  But even throughout my adult life, this visual hasn’t ever changed.  I still “walk around the block” in my head when thinking about the future (or the past) and what month events  happen. 

I also think in colors, although I didn’t demonstrate that as much in the image above.    My “fall” months (and yes I know fall doesn’t start until the 21st-ish of September) are September, October and November.  I “see” them in dark reddish-oranges and browns.  Typical of the season, I suppose.  Once December 1 hits, though, everything turns blue, except right around Christmas when the greens and reds take over.    Once January hits, I turn a corner… perhaps for the new year, a new direction?  Blues last until February (indicative of winter months, which for me are December-February).  February comes to me in pinks and reds as well as blues, most likely due to Valentine’s day and the soon-to-exit winter excitement.  March is green. I think because of St. Patrick’s day.  April is Easter/spring flower colors, pinks, purples, greens, yellows – all pastel.  May is green again, because that’s my birth month, and my birth month gem is an emerald.  June starts going yellow to a yellow-orange, perhaps summer coming around the corner… and speaking of corners, I don’t know why June and May are catty-corner… but that’s how I’ve always seen it.  May “slips into” June somehow.  July and August run into each other with hot reds, oranges and yellows.  These are my two least favorite months, despite them being “summer vacation” as a child. 

Although looking ahead to September seems always so far away because of the big black chasm, I look forward to it because of another corner turn and heading up into another new direction/new year. 

I would say that fall is my favorite season.  I don’t “wear” the colors as much as I do winter and spring colors, but I love the temperature, sights and smells of fall.  The Hubs even notices.  He’ll say, “you look good today” more often in fall than any other season.  Something about this season makes my skin happy, my hair happy, and my heart happiest than all of the other months. 

Okay, so assure me, please… I’m not totally insane, am I?  Does anyone else out there “see” things in their mind a little different than, perhaps, the “normal”?

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  1. No weird black void in my months. I don't think they are corners either. Just one big circle with blurred lines between the months, one running into the other. What I really think is "different" is that you walk the months counter-clockwise. That one surprised me.


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