October 16, 2013


 This is my 500th blog post.

Yes, really.

Back in the time when I was more active, I would have celebrated this day with excitement and even, perhaps, a scrappy giveaway.

But I have been neglectful of my blog.  And for good reason.

Instead of celebrating my 500th post, I will be moving on to a different blog.  I am not shutting this one down.  No, in fact, I hope to return when I can give it my full-on, cheery, artsy, creative attention.

For those of you who have followed this blog for some time, I feel I owe some explanation.  You see, I have really been struggling with depression and anxiety for, well, too long.  At first, I thought it was part of my personality and I had to "get over it".  But now I know different.

A very large part of me wants to be authentic.  I so desire that, but in the creation of this blog, I have created a personality that doesn't mesh with who I am "now".  It is me... the Enjoy the Ride Today message in my header is completely 100% my belief.  But sadly, I am unable to transfer that belief into action.  While I desire to be authentic, I'm not currently comfortable doing so in such a public environment.  But I miss blogging and getting my thoughts and feelings out so terribly much!

Therefore, I have decided to move to a private blog for now.  In there will be the "dark side" of my "enjoy the ride", because, really?  Nobody likes to be around an Eeyore all the time.  However, if you are truly interested in being inundated with dark clouds, I will be happy to add you, just send me a quick email.  If you are mean to me over there, I will disallow you even more quickly.  I truly invite those of you who are interested in listening to a lot of blather (no art... well, probably no art) and just supporting me with hugs... because I do need them.   But I understand, too, if this is not what you enjoy doing with your time on the internet.  :)

This is why I'm choosing to move on.

For now.

I completely believe it will be temporary, but I do not know how long 'temporary' is.  So... keep checking back now and again.  Who knows... maybe once I spew the darkness into my private blog, I can come back here and share the light.

Hugs to all!

All Stamps from www.stampsbyjudith.com

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  1. I hope you will invite me to your new blog. I want to be there to support you my friend.


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