October 24, 2013

Help Me Out?

Hey, yo! 

A long time ago... maybe a year, maybe more, someone out there in blogland asked people to share with her positive thoughts and feelings that she was going to write on the walls of her new-to-be-repainted scrapbook/craft room.

I don't know who you are, but I thought that was the absolute BEST idea EVER.  And I'm going to steal it... please, if you are still reading this blog, give me a shout out so I remember who you are and how you did it/asked for participation!

Anyway... we are nearing the completion of renovating the guest room in our house (used to be The Boy's room).  We are really almost there!  Once it is done, we will be renovating the Girls' room to be my very own scrapbook/art/craft studio.  This will include taking down wallpaper, pulling out carpet and floor tiles and then repainting and reflooring.  It is going to be quite the job... just like what we're doing now for the guest room.

This room, once belonging to the two girls of the family, is full of bad vibes and dark mojo.  Not to mention it's a little stinky.  I really need it to be a place of retreat for me.  A place to refresh, release and rejuvenate.  Will you help me?

Please put in the comments some positive thoughts, feelings, quotes or wishes for me and I will write them all on the walls before we repaint (and I will post pictures when we do it).  Once we paint, they will be sealed in to that room making it impossible for bad stuff to come through!

Would love it if you would pass the word, too, since I haven't been very active here lately.  I really need the "love".  :)

Thanks friends!  You rock!

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  1. Hey Kai! So the person who did this TWO years ago was Deb Turtle. Here's the post: http://paperturtle.blogspot.com/2011/08/writing-on-wall-invitation-and-giveaway.html

    She asked for one word from each blog friend and I gave her HAPPY in all caps and really big. And I'd offer the same word for you. I hope that you can be happy in your new craft room. That it will chase all the depression and dark clouds away. And if you want a quote - the one that I gave you on a canvas is still the most appropriate I can think of for you!


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