June 17, 2011


Today I read a blog post over at Paper View and Nancy asked her readers to do the same, so here goes:

Today I went to my daughter’s hometown to meet some of her new friends.

Today I hoped those friends would not be the “bad kids” other people thought they were.

Today I dreamed of my kids all grown up, successful in their own personal way, happy, smart and sane.

Today I forgot that a project was due at 5pm and ended up not getting it done.

Today I heard thunder outside my window.  Big thunder... biiiiiig.

Today I said to my daughter and her best friend, “be smart, be safe and behave.”

Today I read several blogs I’ve been meaning to catch up on, but sorry, I didn’t have time to comment much.

Today I watched Art Journal Playshops by Suzi Blu on YouTube

Today I believed that teenagers can be honest and trustworthy.

Today I felt sad, angry, worn-out, overwhelmed, irritated, hopeful and tired.

Today I wondered if this sore throat I’ve had for four weeks will ever go away.

Today I bought frozen Greek yogurt bars which I’m very excited about – 70 calories and 6 grams of PROTEIN.

Today I cleaned up a little piece of my soul.

As Nancy did, I invite you to share a little of Today in the comments, or a blog post and then come back and tell me in a comment so  I can go  read!

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  1. What a good idea - here is my list but it is now 6.30am Saturday so not doing today I'm doing Yesterday.

    Yesterday I Did a Digital Layout with no patterned paper

    Yesterday I realised that I am putting on too much weight, two pair of trousers felt uncomfortable to wear

    Yesterday I went into town, but didn't buy much

    Yesterday I had to renew my library books (overdue) because I had left them behind on the kitchen table

    Yesterday I lost a new rubber stamp that I had not even had a chance to use.
    Today I've found it

    Yesterday I realised that my next project just had to be tidying my craftroom.

    Yesterday I gathered some stash together for a crop today

    Yesterday I watched Midsomer Murders as usual (I think I am addicted to that programme) also Agatha Christie's Poirot (another addiction)

    Yesterday I didn't go to bed till this morning (well only just into today).


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