June 24, 2011


The Girl has moved in for the summer.  It was not an expected happening, but it is what it is.  Since she is a part-time kid, her bedroom has become a catch-all for all the things we didn't know what to do with on top of all the things she has collected  through the years.  Two weeks ago, before the decision  to have her move here for the summer, I cleaned up her bedroom as well as moved it around to become more functional.  Plus, I like not having tall furniture in front of the windows... it's much brighter in there now.

Bonus - two bags of garbage OUT of my house!

That day I only attacked the bedroom.  Some of what I "cleaned up" was  simply shoved into her closet until a later time.   Well, once she moved in and brought all of her clothes... that "later time" became today.

This is what came out of her closet.  Yes, seriously.  Her closet was packed to the gills with CRAPOLA!  I'm talking toys from when she was, like, 5.  She's 15, nearly 16, now!  What you see here is a bag and a half of clothing (some not hers**), some briefcases I no longer use, three boxes and an old comforter case filled with toys and doo-hickeys.  Tchotchkies.  Knick-Knacks.  Whatever you want to call 'em.  What you don't see here is a box of books, two small containers of belongings to the eldest child and another bag and a box of garbage.

Aside from the box of books (which I need to go through in more detail) and the eldest's belongings, everything else is  getting OUT of my house.


Game on!

** The sad, emotional piece to this is in order to provide more storage opportunities for The Girl, I cleaned out a Rubbermaid storage bin.  It was full of clothing.  My mom's.  She died in 1998 and I've held on to them all of this time.  As I was handing them to The Boy to place in the donate bag, I was crying.  It was hard.  But I know letting go of them is not letting go of her memory or our love.  She wouldn't have wanted me to keep them.   I kept three  things... each for a very specific purpose, with the promise to myself that if I don't use them for that purpose after 6 months, I will donate them. 

After it was over, I felt lighter.  That matters, right?


  1. I think we all need a reason to do jobs we have been putting off but boy doesn't it feel good when that horrible chore is done and out of the way?! I know exactly what you mean about giving away those clothes, it is such a tough job to do, but you know in your heart she would not have wanted to to keep hold of them all. Saving just a little is the best way.

  2. Good for you - that's a big and important declutter. And especially good for you being able to let go of those clothes. That must have so difficult, but it was the right thing to do, as evidenced by your 'light' feeling afterwards. I'm proud of you xx


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