February 19, 2012

January's Showers...

...bring February flowers?  Hmmmm.... that just doesn't sound right, does it?

I officially declare winter over.  Yes, we might get a dreaded winter blast in March, but I'm not that worried.  If it does hit, it'll only be temporary.  It'll last a week, maybe 10 days and that's it.  I just know Mother Nature took a vacation during winter and it's just over. 

Spring is springing.

How do I know?  Why am I so sure?

Because this is in my garden:

My hyacinths are breaking ground.  And, one of my trees has begun to bud.

I know they're confused.  But no matter... the snow, if and when it comes, won't kill 'em.  Just make 'em shiver a little.

Winter's over people.  Even if we get socked with some snow... it's temporary. 

Trust me.


  1. Hope you are right Kai - our daffodils have broken ground (we usually don't see them until late March and they bloom in April) and my summer day lilies are already greening up.

  2. I need to go check on my bulbs...can't recall seeing anything *yet*!


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