December 1, 2011

December Two Thousand Eleven

Look!  Quick! Did you see that?


Did you?  Did you see that?


Yep, that's another month just gone.  It is now officially December 2011!  That means that there are only

31 Days 

left in this year.  Thirty-one itty, bitty days.  That's

744 Hours 

left in 2011.   Ooooh, I have so much I'd like to do.  I wonder how much time I will really have.  Let's check it out.

Let's take away the 8 hours each night that I'll hopefully get in sleep, that leaves me

504 Hours 

in December 2011.  Okay, now let me take away the hours in which I'm working at my day job.  17 nine-hour days (I'm including my lunch break), hmmmm... this leaves me with

351 Hours

Plus some time that I'll put in working at Inside Out, plus, I do have some events coming up... gatherings with friends, travel and such.  After those time commitments (as of today), I'm left with

279 Hours

Now, there are certain things I do every week... preparing and cooking dinners, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, paying bills, sending and responding to family/friends in email/phone calls, pet maintenance, etc.  Let's guesstimate an average of 1.5 hours per day to handle those  regular "life tasks", PLUS with the holidays coming up, I will be baking more and definitely spending lots of time wrapping presents.  All of these things will leave me with

186.5 Hours

Which is... holy frijole... it's only

7.8 Days!

I have just over a week left in 2011!!  8 days!!  I'd better hurry up and get all of those things on my 2011 "list" done! Wait... I'm taking a vacation in December, so out of that 7.8 days, I'll be on vacation for 7 days.  That leaves me just

0.8 Days

of "free time" in December! How will I do it?  Will I do it?  Oh my gosh!  The pressure!  How can I only have point-8 days left in the year?!  That's crazy!  Sorry, but I gotta run!

(Thank goodness I really don't think this way, but what a perspective!)

How about you?  What's the last month of the year look like in your world?


  1. Well it's a lovely day here today - so I'd say it's looking sunny!

    Happy December!


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