December 7, 2011

Cleaning & Crafting...

Last night I took some time to get 'little things' done.  Things that pile up because they can always be left off 'until tomorrow'.  Among cleaning up from having company over on Sunday, I also clipped the critters nails with The Hubs' help.  Afterward, as I was motivated at the 'little things' being crossed off my list, I wandered down into the scrapbook area to clean up and put things away from a weekend crop I'd enjoyed (as well as search for Something Very Important that I have lost - and have yet to find).

As I was unpacking from the crop, I was frustrated with a broken old laundry basket that was sitting on the floor.  Within it was a variety of scrapping items that I had taken to the last craft garage sale...wait for it... back in March!  Yes, March!  I'd had enough of it being in my way so I got out my Swiffer (a must with four cats and a dog), swiffed up enough of the fur so I could sit on the floor and decide once and for all what to do with these unwanted items.  Sadly, most of them just got incorporated back into my supplies.  A few did get thrown away, though, so that was a nice breath of fresh air. 

After I was done, I was so pleased, I sat down and decided to make a few stocking stuffer items for The Girl.

I started with these supplies.

Can you guess what I was making?  It's pretty obvious... flower clips for her hair.

After I made this one, and turned it into a hair clip, I was suddenly hooked! 

What other flowers could I use to make more hair clips? Trust me, I found some, and ended up with 9 hair clips for The Girl's stocking.

(Sorry about the dark picture... it was either get it dark or get it with too much glare).
Anyway, I was thrilled.  The Hubs agreed that they were "cute" and especially like the little rosettes, as I had added some Stardust Stickles to the petals.  I went upstairs to show The Boy (keep in mind he's 22 and The Girl is 16). 
I won't even describe to you the look on his face when he saw them.  When I told him they were for his sister, he said, "uh.... they're....uh.... nice."  I said, "what's wrong?"  He replied, "I don't think she'll wear them."
I didn't bother to tell him that The Girl had tried to steal some flowers previously because I had mentioned that they would look nice on a hair clip, telling me, "you should make it for me!"  Granted, that flower isn't what I used when I was making them.  Maybe she won't like them.  Maybe she'll say she does but never wear them.  It's the thought that counts.
At least these three got some "hair time". 
Keep your fingers crossed that she'll like them.  If not... maybe I'll send them on to someone who will!


  1. Hope she does like them, but even if not you could incorporate them into another project.

  2. Maybe she'll like them, maybe she won't. But she can't deny that you heard her request to make you some, remembered it, and acted on it. That is something in itself! Besides, what does a 22 year old guy know about what a 16 year old girl will or won't wear?

    Keep up the baby steps! You're doing great!


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