October 27, 2012

Catching Up to Take a Break...

Oh friends... how I miss thee...

Something I dabbled in, recently - floral bouquet arrangements
(for a wedding of a friend - so much fun!)

I have been kicking myself most of this year for not keeping more on top of sharing on here. I had picked "Achieve" as my One Little Word and boy, oh boy, I can say I have achieved a lot.  Sadly, writing and sharing HERE is not one of those achievements. 

This makes me frustrated, because I adore my blogging posse.  I love visiting your blogs. I love hearing from you here.  I have missed all of you over these months and every time I dwell.  I scold myself.  I make promises to myself to start tomorrow.  Write this weekend. Schedule, plan, plot. 

And then more life happens. 

And before I know it, it's been weeks that have passed.

So, in a rare moment of Kindness-To-Self, I have decided to make a clean break from this blog.  Not permanently.  But for the rest of this year. 

I truly hope that you'll still be interested in my stories when I return.  I hope to share all kinds of things with you on a regular basis.  The when, though, is up in the air.  I'm tentatively saying until the end of this year.  However, that sounds a little too much like an early New Years resolution, and I don't really "do" resolutions.  So... let's just say I'll be back... most likely in a couple of months.  Maybe before. 

The bigger issue is... I'm allowing myself to not fret about it.  Not worry or kick myself or listen to my inner critic about not "achieving" this piece of me. 

I hope you understand.

If you really miss me, there are places to find me... email is the most reliable one.  You can always leave me a comment here and I will respond, I promise.

So... in the meantime...

Happy Halloween!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Hannukah!

Merry Christmas!

(And any other happy, merry holidays that I haven't included - I don't mean to... please celebrate!)


  1. We're just glad to know you're OK. As I discovered earlier this year, sometimes blogging does need to take a break for a whie - good for you, identifying that and being sensible about it! We'll be here when you get back xx

  2. Will miss you but at least I won't be worrying. Have a great two months. See you in 2013.

  3. I've missed you a lot Kai, but I understand the need for a break and no reason to beat yourself up over it. I'll be here whenever it is you decide to come back!

  4. GORGEOUS arrangement! I feel the time pinch myself...Have a WONDERFUL holiday season!


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