September 20, 2012

I Made It! :)

We're having an employee and customer appreciation event at my day-job tomorrow.  The theme is "Fiesta!" this year.  Office staff were asked to bring in a dozen cupcakes of any style.  Well... I was going to be lazy and buy some, but was somewhat harangued at work over that statement. I kept hearing,  "You're too creative..."



Never one to back down from a challenge (most of the time), I searched the Internet for some ideas on how to decorate a cupcake Fiesta!-style.  After seeing several very cute photos, I found two that really, really intrigued me.  And I settled on this one... look what I made!

I'm so excited that they turned out as well as I had planned/hoped.  A friend of mine helped me figure out how to make the taco shell so everything is 100% edible.  Well, except the paper wrapper.

Creative in the kitchen today.  It feels good...


  1. THese are brilliant. SO how did you make the Taco shell?

    1. It is a fortune cookie recipe. :)

  2. They are definitely cute, but I'm proud to say they don't tempt me at all in the consumption department!


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