July 8, 2012

Surviving the Heat?

Holy storms, Batman! 

AND... triple digits in central Ohio!  Who woulda thunk?

How are you keeping cool?


  1. Not a problem here in the UK, seems like you are having ALL the sunshine! Not sure that I could cope for long in temperatures over 100 degrees though, so for the moment I will stop complaining about the nonstop rain!
    Hope your air conditioning is coping with the heat and that temperatures drop a little soon.

  2. Was in Washington D.C. in 100+ temps. Definitely draining.

  3. It has been so, so hot here in STL for at least two weeks.
    Temps in the 100's. But a big storm moved through yesterday and is supposed to "cool" things down to the upper 80's and 90's :)
    We actually went to the lake with friends this past weekend and that really helped us stay cool.


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