June 11, 2012

Loud and Clear...

It's been a day.  A little on the rough side.  As I was wandering through Inside Out's Truth Pinterest board, I found this.  It really just screamed.... screamed... out to me.  I needed to see it... read it... hear it.  I now need to embrace it.  I wanted to share it too, as I work to embrace it.

I need to figure out how to accept this for someone I love very much.  Have you ever had to let someone go (from your life, not your heart)?


  1. Totally, Kai!!!
    I pinned this one a while ago, because of a family member I had to let go :(
    A niece. I haven't seen her in almost two years.

  2. Sorry you are going through this. But sometimes cutting the cord is essential to your own well being.

  3. Indeed...there are a lot of people in my heart who are not allowed in my life...its too chaotic with them in my life...


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