July 28, 2011


First, let me thank everyone who read my post from yesterday and those that commented with hugs and love.  I appreciate your reaching out to me.

The post does appear to be quite negative.  I didn't intend it to be negative... it was just a kind-of "writing out loud"... so many things in your every day world are "so hard".  So many of the things I wrote yesterday directly pertained to me over my lifetime, not just in that day or week or month.  Some of the things are observances of others' lives and what I see someone I care about going through, in their own "so hard" way.

Every day has its ups and downs. Every day can be so hard, and yet every day has its rewards and happiness.

I think what I wanted to get out of my own head was all of those "so hard" things... but at the end of the day... while lying in bed and reflecting, you can just take a deep breath and know in your heart that you survived.  You prevailed.  You won!  Because you got through all of those "so hard" things.  There may be more that will be waiting for you in the morning, but if you can really recognize that you got through the previous day's challenges, maybe facing the new day's "so hard" tasks and confrontations... well, maybe it will make them a little be easier to approach. 

Because really?  It will only make you stronger.  It will only make you more who you are. 

All of those "so hards" make you SO AWESOME!

Have a wonderful day (or night), all my lovely, lovely readers. 

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  1. I commented yesterday...I really did. but now its not there....bummer...I thought your post was amazing and transparent and brave!!!


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