October 23, 2009

Trees On Fire

Must I admit it? Okay, I have been a dangerous driver of late. I cannot help staring at the fall foliage this year. Since I moved to mid-Ohio, the trees have been less than spectacular, especially the last 5-8 years or so. But maybe because we have had so much rain this summer… maybe because of some early in the season bone-chilling nights… maybe just because it’s 2009… but this year the trees are on fire!

I will pass them on the highway and look for perfect photo opportunities, and yet I am unable to pull over and take the photo (lest I be standing in the middle of the highway during rush hour traffic). The colors this fall are just breathtaking… fiery orange, red, gold, burgundy, rust and yellow. So many of the trees are interspersed with pines, and those dark greens just set the fall foliage colors off perfectly.

I can’t keep my eyes off of them. Just simply a beautiful fall this year.

If anyone else is on the same roads as I am… keep an eye out for me, because one of my eyes (at least) is on the trees. At least until the leaves fall…

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